'Complications': Sam Goes Toe-to-Toe With the Cops to Protect John (Exclusive Video)

Complications S01 Still - H 2015
Daniel McFadden/USA Network

Complications S01 Still - H 2015

Apparently, there's more than one badass in the Ellison household.

On Thursday's new episode of Complications, John (Jason O'Mara) is brought down to the station and questioned by Detective Holden (Brent Sexton) of the gang task force about his recent suspicious activity.

But not if John's wife, Sam, has anything to say about it.

In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive sneak peek, Sam doesn't hesitate to read the riot act to a cop to get her husband out of the line of fire.

"Tell the detective that interview is now over," says Sam. "Either charge him, or bring him out now."

And Sam is just warming up. Check out the exclusive clip below.

Complications airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on USA.