'Conan': Charlie Sheen Returns to Warner Bros. Lot in Military Tank (Video)

The actor went through a "really intense security check" while arriving for his talk show appearance at the same studios where "Two and a Half Men" is filmed.

Making his first trip to the Warner Bros. studio lot since his banishment from Two and a Half Men, which is headquartered there along with Conan O'Brien's talk show, Charlie Sheen -- an O'Brien guest on Thursday -- came prepared for battle.

The Anger Management actor, promoting his cameo in Scary Movie 5, arrived to his Conan appearance in a military tank, flanked by two women (Sheen might call them "goddesses").

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"It's pretty exciting. I'm very excited," he said of returning to Warner Bros., where he worked for years with Men creator and archnemesis Chuck Lorre. "When we pulled up to the gate, they ran like a really intense security check. Not that intense ... but I used to be able to just cruise on in. Not anymore."

Calling his 2011 meltdown a "melt-toward," Sheen said he copes with his anger issues by whacking a watermelon-filled duffel bag with a bat and imagining "a Warner Bros. executive hugging Chuck Lorre" inside.

When asked about his relationship with Lorre, Sheen joked: "We're fine! ... We're not fine."