Conan Takes on Seth Rogen and Zac Efron in 'Mario Kart 8'

Conan O’Brien Seth and Zac playing Mario cart 1 - H 2016

Conan O'Brien admits he's no good at video games, so he has a segment on his TBS show where he plays video games. 

In his latest "Clueless Gamer" segment on Conan, the late-night host invited Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron to play Mario Kart 8. Playing for frat-house stakes, the trio took over the living room of the house where they filmed the Universal sequel to play the game. 

"We were thinking maybe we should add stakes to it," Rogen told O'Brien, "like something happens if you lose." Efron added that they should draw things on the loser's face, which O'Brien agreed to. 

Trying to recreate a Neighbors 2-like frat house, O'Brien even brought along a keg (of green tea kombucha) and lit up (a vape pen). "We've established my street cred," he began, "I can hang with anyone at this point." 

During the actual game play, the focus was on those stakes much more than the actual video game. "Where am I? I don't even know where I am!" O'Brien started off. "Are we supposed to get coins?"

"Dude, I suck so bad at this," Rogen yelled, right before losing the first race. 

In the end, O'Brien lost, but won plenty of new face art from his competitors.