'Conan in Korea': Late-Night Host Stars in K-Pop Video and Korean Soap Opera

Conan_Korea_IG - H 2016

Conan_Korea_IG - H 2016

Conan just made his mark on yet another new territory. 

Late-night host Conan O'Brien went on a trip with The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun for his latest international segment, this time to Seoul, South Korea. 

In Conan in Korea, which aired Saturday, April 9, O'Brien explored the Korean Demilitarized Zone with the Korean-American actor, filmed a K-pop music video with Korean pop star J.Y. Park and made his debut as a soap opera actor. 

After being mobbed by fans at the airport, he visited a market to buy food for the day, where he ended up buying an octopus and taking him home as a pet instead (he named him Samuel). Filming the soap opera scene, O'Brien ran into difficulties with pronunciation, and his luck with Buddhist monks and tae kwon do weren't much better. 

He even coined a signoff phrase for himself: "This is Conan O'Brien saying, I've ruined another country." 

At the Joint Security Area (JSA), the border between North and South Korea, O'Brien and Yeun were escorted by a South Korean military man, who O'Brien said was the best dressed solider he'd ever seen. "You're like a Janet Jackson backup dancer." 

Inside the building, which is split down the middle, half in North Korea and the other half in South Korea, O'Brien held "North Korea's first late-night talk show."

The two sat down at a desk to discuss Yeun's upcoming wedding and his character Glenn on The Walking Dead, before ending on a more serious note. "We've been kidding around a little bit," said O'Brien, "but this is a serious thing, the idea that you and I could be in North Korea talking and communicating freely, seems like kind of a cool message."

"This is the dream," said Yeun. "The dream is to unify. And the dream is to bring families and people together."

The late-night host even got to show off some of his dance moves in a K-pop music video with Park, featuring The Wonder Girls and TWICE. "I didn't want to leave before making my mark on one of Korea's biggest exports," according to O'Brien. The video even features Park trying out O'Brien's signature "string dance."

O'Brien announced his trip to South Korea in a February episode, revealing that a superfan sent him a letter with Korean snacks, inspiring him to visit her in her country and learn more about the area. 

Conan in Korea is Team Coco's latest international trip, following his episodes filmed in Cuba, Armenia and Qatar. O'Brien became the first American late-night host to shoot in Cuba in over 50 years, and he was the first American ever to host a late-night show in Armenia.