Conan O'Brien Auditions to Be Dwayne Johnson's 'Rampage' Stunt Double

Conan O’Brien is ready to explore a new career venture.

Anticipating the release of his new film Rampage, Dwayne Johnson joined the late-night host Thursday, where they engaged in a debate on whether O’Brien could act as the actor’s stunt double.

“I look at this and it’s like I’m looking in a mirror,” the TBS late-night host quipped to Johnson, as the two began to banter over their action-star qualifications. “You have a chest, and I have what they call pecs,” Johnson argued.

“I just want to show you I can do it, because I know you question my physicality,” O’Brien continued, adding, “but that was your first mistake — and you don’t get a second chance.”

To further explore the new career, O’Brien requested that Johnson train him to be an appropriate stunt double. Donning a bald cap to resemble the Rampage star, O’Brien struggled to recite signature one-liners and endured sporadic punches from an extra wearing a gorilla costume, causing his bald cap to fall off. Supporting the intense training, Johnson offered the gorilla various props to hit the host with.

After the camera directs the focus off of O’Brien, Johnson appears onscreen and delivers his signature line, “That was you first chance — and you don’t get a second one.”