Conan O'Brien: Donald Trump Could Be "America's Final President"

The late-night host also poked fun at 'Dating Naked', 'Devious Maids', 'Pawn Stars', 'Bachelor in Paradise' and 'Bones.'
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Donald Trump

Conan O'Brien joked Monday night that Donald Trump could be "America's final president."

The late-night host included the presidential candidate in a Conan segment called "What Conan's Watching," in which he poked fun at what appears when TV viewers actually press the "Info" button on their remote control.

In the comical roundup, reruns of NBC's The Apprentice read, "Archival footage of America's final president."

O'Brien also included programs like Devious Maids, Bachelor in Paradise, Boston EMS and CBS Evening News.

For example, Pawn Stars is, "The title is a play on 'porn stars.' And that's where the sexiness ends," and Dating Naked is, "Watch people who aren't brave enough to do porn. Yet."

As for Bones, which was renewed for its 11th season earlier this year, "We know what you're thinking. 'Is that show still on?' But this is the wrong question. Your real question should be, 'Isn't time a man-made construct?' "

Watch the video below.