Conan O'Brien Explains West Coast Broadcasting Glitch (Video)

Conan's West Coast viewers apparently saw a "very messed-up version" of the show Tuesday night.

"Here is what a third of the country saw last evening," host Conan O'Brien said on his show Wednesday night. "First, 23 straight minutes of commercials with no interruption. It was sort of a travesty -- but we made a fortune."
Then the screen went black with just the TBS logo, then viewers saw what appears to be a pixelated version of the show that was played backwards at a fast speed.
O'Brien blamed the snafu on a "technical glitch" at TBS' Atlanta headquarters.
He also offered us his own version of "what we think happened" in a clip that portrayed Atlanta-based staffers as hillbillies pouring "possum chili" on the "Conan West Coast feed machine" and then bringing out a banjo, washboard and fiddle to have a "chili stomp." Watch the clip below.


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