Conan O'Brien Mocks 'Euphoria's' Explicit Content With Fake Ad

Euphoria-Zendaya-Publicity Still 2-H 2019
Eddy Chen/HBO

Zendaya stars in HBO's Euphoria.

HBO's new Zendaya-starring teen drama Euphoria has already made headlines for its explicit content, including graphic nudity, violence and drug use among young people. The first episode features an erect penis that is shown in a scene about statutory rape, while the series also includes storylines of a teenager overdosing and a sex scene between teens that involves choking. 

One episode even features close to 30 penises onscreen, a stat that was cited in The Hollywood Reporter's recent story about the series and is used as a jumping-off point for a fake ad that Conan O'Brien's team made about the show, which premieres Sunday on TBS' WarnerMedia sister network.

The fake ad, which aired on Thursday night's Conan, praised HBO for its "truly original" and "boundary-pushing" original series.

"In our first teen drama, we go all the way to the edge," a narrator says as clips from Euphoria play. "We explore identity, addiction, depression … and ding-a-lings!"

The rest of the ad features clips from Euphoria intercut with penis puns, including "a four score of foreskin" and footage of hot dogs described as "the cast showing up for work."

A reporter with an HBO microphone also asks a man in his car to guess how many penises are shown in Euphoria, urging him to up the number.

The man ultimately gives up, rolls up his window and drives away.

"Euphoria, the only teen drama with HBO's 30-penis guarantee," concluded the narrator.

Watch Conan's parody of Euphoria below.