Conan O'Brien to Travel to Greenland for 'Conan Without Borders' Special

Conan Episode 0602 - Publicity - H 2019
Meghan Sinclair/Conaco, LLC for TBS

Conan O’Brien is set to embark on another adventure for a new installment of Conan Without Borders. 

The TBS late-night host announced during Monday's show that his next destination will be Greenland in the wake of President Donald Trump reportedly being interested in purchasing the island, which is a territory of Denmark. O'Brien first teased his trip last week after writing on Twitter: "I may have to go to Greenland now and kick the tires on this deal."

"A lot of people have been making fun of this idea the past day or so, but not me. I want to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt," O'Brien said during his monologue. "It might just be a good idea. It seriously might, and as the elder statesman of late night, what If I negotiated the deal?" 

O'Brien went on to quip that he could, in fact, negotiate a deal with Greenland because he has "as much if not more negotiating experience as Trump."

"An 11 o'clock time slot on TBS? You don't just get that, ladies and gentlemen," he joked. 

Despite Trump's interest, the Danish prime minister declared that Greenland was "not for sale," which O'Brien argued was telling. "If there's anything I've learned from watching hundreds of hours of Property Brothers, saying 'It's not for sale' is the classic opening gambit. That means you're ready to go. Greenland is definitely for sale!"

To try to convince Greenland to allow Trump to acquire the country, O'Brien proposed that America make a "straight trade" for the state of Florida. "Trust me, this is our best state, and please do not google Florida," O'Brien said. He also emphasized that Greenland would become enrolled in the U.S. healthcare system should they be purchased by Trump, which would be a positive only if they promised to not google the U.S. healthcare system. 

O'Brien also promised that Greenland would never have to endure cold weather again, for they'll soon have "American fat," which he described as "the greatest fat in the world."

Determined to make the deal come through, O'Brien made a promise to his audience: "If I do not make this deal, I, Conan O'Brien, will never step foot on American soil again." The camera then zoomed out to show the crowd giving a standing ovation, which O'Brien looked confused about.

Greenland marks the newest location that O'Brien will have traveled to for Conan Without Borders. The TBS show first began to televise his international travels in 2015 with a trip to Cuba — the first by a late-night host since 1959. O’Brien then created the mini-franchise Conan Without Borders, traveling to a myriad of locations, including Israel, Haiti, Korea, Mexico and Japan. 

The full Conan in Greenland special will air Tuesday, Sept. 3, on TBS.