Cory Monteith's Last Video Message: 'Stay Out of Trouble'

The "Glee" star recorded the clip on a flight to Vancouver before his death on July 13 of a heroin and alcohol overdose.
Getty Images
Cory Monteith

Video of Cory Monteith encouraging a young fan to "stay out of trouble" has surfaced online in the wake of his tragic, sudden death last weekend.

The 31-year-old actor recorded the clip on a flight from Japan to his native Vancouver, where he died on July 13 of an accidental heroin and alcohol overdose, after a flight attendant named Sheila asked if he would send a message to her boyfriend's daughter, Mallory, according to Us Weekly.

"Hey, Mallory, this is Cory. I'm Sheila's friend, and I just wanted to record this video for you guys just to let you know to stay out of trouble and stay in school," he says.

Glee fans continue to pay tribute to Monteith, adding cards, flowers and candles to a makeshift shrine outside Vancouver's Fairmount Pacific Rim hotel, where his body was discovered. Friday night, a candlelight vigil is planned outside the location while a second vigil is set for the evening at Clover Point Park in Victoria, B.C., where Monteith grew up.