'Cougar Town' Season 4 Premiere Date Announced With Musical Number (Video)

Courteney Cox, Josh Hopkins and company return with an acoustic ode to their new network -- and it sounds an awful lot like The Moldy Peaches.

Cougar Town returns Jan. 8 -- and as you likely won't be able to forget after watching the below video, that's a Tuesday.

The cast of the TBS (formerly ABC) comedy made the announcement themselves, singing the news in the series' first effort since moving networks.

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All of the cul-de-sac crew is accounted for, but the bulk of the legwork is reserved for Josh Hopkins, singing the news of their return and strumming away on his guitar.

They toe the company line with references to Conan O'Brien, profess their continued fondness for wine and, on almost too many occasions to count, mention the fact that they're returning to Tuesdays. (The exact time has yet to be announced, but don't forget how crowded comedies are getting on that night.)

Watch the full clip below, and note the not-so-subtle homage to The Moldy Peaches' "Anyone Else But You":

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