'Covert Affairs' Christopher Gorham on Playing Blind Auggie: It's Tough Not Reacting to Piper's Adorable Faces (Video)

Last week's episode of USA Network's Covert Affairs, "Half a World Away," was Auggie's most pivotal episode to date. It was the first moment viewers found out exactly when and how he lost his sight.

Christopher Gorham spoke to The Hollywood Reporter while at Comic-Con, sharing his thoughts on what the future holds for the charming CIA military intelligence/special ops officer. Will Auggie be out on the field with superagent Annie (Piper Perabo)?

"I imagine these Auggie episodes will come about once or twice a season, kind of how we've been timing them out," Gorham said. "It's tricky because he's blind. You really have to come up with a compelling story with an organic reason to have him there. It has to make sense."

"These episodes where the tables are turned where Annie is supporting him are few and far between," he added. "If we did that every week, well, it'd be a different show."

With nearly two seasons under his belt, how comfortable is Gorham with playing a blind character?

"It's a different kind of focus," he said. "Sometimes it's really tough not reacting to these adorable faces that Piper makes. I can only react to what I'm hearing or what I'm feeling. ... Sometimes you want to give back, you want to continue that non-verbal communication and I can't."

Watch the rest of the interview, in which he points out the toughest scene to shoot thus far, above.

Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on USA.

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