'Covert Affairs': Annie Sees a Bright Future With Her New Boss (Exclusive Video)

Covert Affairs isn't letting up when it comes to the drama.

On Tuesday's episode of the CIA actioner, "The Last Thing You Should Do," Annie (Piper Perabo) finds herself in the middle when she teams up with Joan (Kari Matchett) and new boss Lena (Sarah Clarke) for the latest mission: Bring Auggie (Christopher Gorham), who is holed up in Africa, back home safely.

As the scene between Annie and Lena -- over some hard liquor, mind you -- illustrates, exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Annie may be getting ahead of herself, with talk of her one day becoming a "Joan" or "Lena." 

"We're going to accomplish a lot together, you and me," Lena says to Annie. The only way Annie can do that is with "a storied biography." "Then one day, it will be you. You will be that story," Lena says. It's clear Annie's intrigued by Lena's advice on how to jump up the agency's ranks.

As for Lena's thoughts on Joan? "She's a big girl, she gets it." The day may come when Annie may sever ties with Joan once and for all.

In the romance department, it seems Annie's relationship with Simon (Richard Coyle) is going along swimmingly.

Watch the clip above to see the scene play out.

Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on USA.

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