'Cowboys & Aliens' Harrison Ford Settles a 'Star Wars' Score (Video)

The actor had a bone to pick with Chewbacca on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night.
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

George Lucas may have made Harrison Ford a legend, but the Cowboys & Aliens actor says he’s “done with that Star Wars crap.”

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In a short clip shown on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ford receives a visit from an unwelcome co-star in his dressing room.

VIDEO: Chewbacca Grills Jimmy Kimmel

“You think you can walk in here and say you’re sorry after what you did?” Ford exclaims to a peace-seeking Chewbacca.

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“Haven’t you heard? I’m in Cowboys & Aliens,” he continues. “Daniel Craig’s my wookie bitch now.”

Watch the clip below to find out what had the 69-year old actor so fired up. The Jon Favreau directed Cowboys & Aliens makes its nationwide debut on Friday, July 29.