Crackle Wants You to Tweet Your 'Issues' to Dr. Ted (Video)

The web series' shrink lends his special skills to your problems.
Josh Cooke as Dr. Ted on Crackle's "Issues."

If anyone knows how super annoying our problems can be, it’s Dr. Ted from Crackle’s comedy series, Issues. Played by Josh Cooke (ABC's Better With You), Dr. Ted deals with some very unique problems from his very select clientele: Superheroes.

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And now, you too can benefit from his expertise. The doctor is in on Friday and taking your tweets. Tell him what or who is causing your issues by tweeting him at the @Crackle Twitter account and using the hashtag, #Issues. Dr. Ted will answer you with his “expert” take on the matter at hand.

For more information on the series and to watch episodes, visit Crackle’s Issues website.

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