'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Star Rachel Bloom Sings Her Emmy 'FYC'

"Rachel Bloom Doesn't Care About Award Shows" is a tongue-in-cheek reminder for potential voters.
Courtesy of CBS Studios
Rachel Bloom

Emmy strategies get more eclectic each year.

Some TV series put together the standard panel and screening, some slap a "for your consideration" on the side of a bus and some release an elaborate music video to show you just how little they care.

The team behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend chose option three this campaign season. Star Rachel Bloom sings a new original song, released Wednesday, the very unsubtle "Rachel Bloom Doesn't Care About Award Shows." The three-minute FYC spot is a refresher for TV Academy voters, highlighting the show's unique place in the comedy race, while likely providing a welcome morsel for fans. The sophomore season wrapped back in February, and its fall return is still a long way off.

Critically adored, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's first season translated to a choreography win at the Creative Arts show — but thus far no big-night Emmy kudos. Bloom, however, has earned a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice for her performance on the series. (If there's any doubt that she and co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna don't think the show deserves some Emmy gold, skip ahead to the 2:25 mark, where Bloom clutches a familiar-looking statuette.)

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