'Criminal Minds': Beth Riesgraf Teases Reid and Maeve's 'Unusual' First Meeting (Video)

On Criminal Minds, the second time's the charm.

In the ongoing saga of Spencer Reid and Maeve, whom viewers finally saw a glimpse of in the Dec. 5 episode "The Lesson," the first attempt at meeting face to face was called off for fear of her safety. But in the CBS procedural's return next Wednesday, the two will meet in the flesh.

That wasn't always part of the plan, however.

"Maeve started out as just a voice because it was important to Matthew [Gray Gubler] -- since his character has never had a love interest on the show -- that he fall in love her mind," actress Beth Riesgraf shared when she dropped by THR's Cover Lounge. "The concept was that no matter what she looks like, they have this connection."

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Maeve and Spencer's first meeting will have its ups and downs. As Riesgraf hinted, "it's under very unique circumstances" and "it's a very unusual situation." Almost word for word what Gubler told THR in December of their big moment. "I dare say no human being has ever met under this [circumstance]," he said at the time. (THR has a scene from the Jan. 16 episode, "Zugzwang," which features Reid discovering that Maeve had a fiance. Watch the scene below.)

How will viewers react to their partnership? "Viewers are going to be happy, I think, that Spencer has found true love. It's unlike any other TV relationship we've seen," she said. "When they do come face to face, their connection is undeniable and it's very apparent that they care about each other."

As far as Maeve's concerned, their relationship is something that is at the top of her priority list.

"In Maeve's mind, the world is a better place because Spencer's in it and a world without Spencer is a world not worth living in," Riesgraf said. "She loves him that much."

Criminal Minds returns 9 p.m. Jan. 16 on CBS.

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