Cristela Alonzo Pens "Possible Goodbye" Letter to 'Cristela' Fans: "I Am Proud of What We've Done"

Cristela (ABC)

Cast: Cristela Alonzo, Terri Hoyos, Roxana Ortega, Carlos Ponce, Andrew Leeds, Sarah Halford
Team: Cristela Alonzo, Kevin Hench, Marty Adelstein, Shawn Levy, Becky Clements, John Pasquin

The semi-autobiographical comedy centers on Cristela, an American Latina straddling two cultures while not fully belonging to either. In her sixth year of law school and living rent-free with her sister and brother in law, she hopes to find a law firm internship as her mother harasses her about finding a real job and her brother-in-law and sister encourage her to move out.

In a blog post on Friday to "supporters of Cristela," Cristela creator-writer-producer-star Cristela Alonzo wrote an emotional "possible goodbye" to fans prior to the show's season one finale airing.

Alonzo told supporters via her website that she is uncertain if the ABC show will return for a second season and expressed to fans that she's worried "not because I want to be on TV more. It worries me because I think this show gives a voice to people that haven’t been given a voice before."

She thanked fans for their loyalty and support of the program and defended the show's storyline against two major criticisms: "NOT ALL LATINO FAMILIES ARE LIKE THAT! " and "THE MOM ON YOUR SHOW IS SO STEREOTYPICAL."

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The actress explained that the show was called Cristela and not "Every Latino Family" because it focused on "things that happened from my real life." She explained that her life growing up was difficult, but she worked hard to get to where she is today. Alonzo further wrote "the thought that my show would have to represent Latinos everywhere is impossible."

The second criticism Alonzo addressed was the "stereotypical" Latina mother. She asked critics, "Which mom are you talking about?" explaining that there are two mothers on the show (her mother, Natalia, and sister, Daniela) that represent two different generations of mothering.

She wrote that she enjoys addressing race on the show because it's a topic she deals with frequently in her personal life and has shaped her into who she is today as a woman.

"This year, I became the first Latina to create, write, produce and star in her own network show." the Cristela creator wrote, adding "If the show ends and tonight’s season finale is the last episode the world gets to see, just know that this show gave opportunities to Latino writers and actors that are hard to come by."