'Cult's' Jessica Lucas on Her 'Tenacious' Character and Romance in Dark Times (Video)

There is a lot to digest on The CW's Cult -- and even the actors are aware of it.

"You can't really explain this show in a couple of sentences, because it is complicated, but I think that's what makes it interesting and intriguing," Jessica Lucas said when she dropped by The Hollywood Reporter Cover Lounge. "But I try to simplify it as much as possible to: It's about a television show called Cult that everybody is obsessed with, and the fans become so obsessed that they're trying to recreate some of the things they're seeing on the show in real life."

Lucas' alter ego, production assistant Skye (she describes her as "tenacious," "determined" and "inquisitive by nature"), gets thrown into the chaotic world when it's revealed that, like protagonist Jeff (Matt Davis), she is searching for a missing loved one.

Jeff and Skye become a duo out of necessity. "Skye is happy to have somebody who will finally listen to her and believe her, and he validates all of her suspicions. He is somebody she trusts almost immediately," Lucas said.

That's not to say that things won't heat up between the two. "There's gonna be a lot of sexual tension between us. Will they, won't they get together?" Lucas said.

The immediacy of the mystery won't offer a chance for a heated romance -- at least not for a while. "We're in an intense situation, which means it's not necessarily appropriate for us to date or do anything like that," she said, "but they will tease it."

Lucas teased that in an upcoming episode, Skye finds herself in "another altered state": "We introduce another reality for that one episode where she does interact with Billy Grimm (Robert Knepper)."

Cult premieres at 9 p.m. Tuesday on The CW.

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