Alan Dershowitz Sends 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Palestinian Chicken Episode to Benjamin Netanyahu (Video)

Curb Your Enthusiasm Alan Dershowitz - P 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm Alan Dershowitz - P 2011

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz has sent an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in hopes that he invites Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over for a screening.

The "Palestinian Chicken" installment features Larry David caught between continuing to buy the tasty chicken at a Palestian restaurant or eschewing it because his Jewish brethren are upset the restaurant is located next to a deli.

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The comedian sent the episode to Dershowitz, who in turn mailed it abroad. Deshowitz told the Columbia Current, " I recently sent a copy of “Palestinian Chicken,” that Larry David gave me, to Prime Minister Netanyahu—with the suggestion that he invite Abbas over to watch it together. And maybe if they both get a good laugh, they can begin a negotiating process."

The attorney, a central character in 1990's Reversal of Fortune, added that the DVD had been received by Netanyahu and he was "looking forward to watching it."

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As to whether it could make a dent in the relations of the long-warring countries, Dershowitz said, "It may be that Larry David will not only win Emmys, but he may even qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize, if his episode could bring together Netanyahu and Abbas, and bring Abbas to the negotiating table."