'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Renewed for Season 10 at HBO

Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back again.

HBO on Thursday announced that the Larry David comedy has been renewed for a 10th season, with production resuming in just a few months. "As I’ve said many times, when one has the opportunity to annoy someone, one should do so," said David of the decision.

David and company seemed quite open about doing more Curb after the recent revival. The ninth season was both well-received and a strong performer with HBO viewers.

"We are thrilled that Larry will be back with his uniquely acerbic wit and comedic sensibility,” said HBO programming president Casey Bloys

The timetable looks to be even quicker than the last renewal. Production will begin next spring, with additional details to be announced. Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, J.B. Smoove, Cheryl Hines, Richard Lewis, Bob Einstein, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen all joined David in the season nine return. David, Garlin and Jeff Schaffer served as executive producers, with the latter serving as showrunner.

When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter after the Dec. 3 season nine finale, Schaffer shed some light about just where he and David were in coming up with stories for season 10. "We are at the stage of talking about talking about it — and that’s how every season starts. Larry never wants to commit to a season unless he’s absolutely sure he’s going to like everything that season entails. He never wants to feel like he has to do the show because he said he’d do the show. So if we do another season, we’ll work on it until he’s super-happy with it and confident that he’s actually going to shoot the episodes, and then we’ll tell somebody so we can actually shoot them." 

The season nine finale of Curb ended with Larry on the run from a man who didn't get the memo that Larry's fatwa had been revoked. The cliffhanger was intended to function as both a season and a series finale, in case David decided he didn't have another season's worth of stories. "Larry getting chased by an angry Iranian who wants to kill him seems like as good of a way to go as any," Schaffer had said of feeling satisfied if the series were to have ended on that note. 

Though a season 10 premiere date wasn't announced, David and Schaffer had also both promised not to keep fans in the dark as long as they did for season nine. "I promise if we do do it again, there won’t be as long of a wait," said Schaffer, who included the Cheryl Hines-Ted Danson relationship in his list of stories they will continue to pursue. "There are definitely ideas we’ve been entertaining for Cheryl and Ted and what that means for Larry."

Curb Your Enthusiasm just received two Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, including for best ensemble and a solo mention for David. The comedy has been airing, in one fashion or another, since a special in 1999. Prior to this recent season, the series hadn't aired a new episode since 2011. Its renewal was always contingent on whether or not David had the material. Clearly, he's feeling inspired.