'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 9 Trailer Teases Larry David's Heroic Return

There's no shortage of superhero shows on the small screen (see: The CW's Arrow-verse and Netflix's Marvel shows, among many others).

And now, HBO is getting in the game (sort of).

In the latest teaser for the highly anticipated ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the pay cabler gives creator and star Larry David the full caped crusader treatment. Except instead of a bat signal, it's a Larry David signal. And while Batman is normally enthusiastic about swinging into action, David is, well, not.

"There is only one hero who never stays silent, who fights against injustice wherever he finds it — and the world needs him now more than ever," an ominous voiceover says in the video, which features callbacks to past episodes of the beloved single-cam comedy such as "Respect Wood" (from the season seven finale) and Al Abbas Original Best Chicken, a nod to the season seven episode "Palestinian Chicken."