'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season Finale: What the Viewers Are Saying

Larry David angers both Michael J. Fox and the mother of a 7-year-old boy -- whom he calls “pre-gay” -- in Sunday night’s episode.

Larry David is getting high praise from viewers for the season finale of his HBO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, which aired Sunday night.

In the episode, David manages to anger Michael J. Fox by drawing a Hitler mustache on Fox’s father-in-law on the cover of BusinessWeek, leading to his accusation that Fox was using his Parkinson’s disease to harass David.

In another potentially controversial story line, the star suspects a 7-year-old kid of being gay – and his mother perceives it as somewhat of an insult. Talking to the mom, David calls the kid “flamboyant” and tells her "it must be challenging to have a son like that." He later gifts the child with a sewing machine, which angers his mom, who asks:"Are you trying to turn him gay?" The mom insists that her child is happy and “normal,” to which David responds: "I think he might be gay." (Incidentally, the episode follows last week’s story line in which David and guest star Rosie O’Donnell were vying for the same bisexual woman.)

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After watching the episode, viewers took to Twitter to share their reactions, with many praising the episode.

Music producer Jermaine Dupri
This might be the funniest episode of Curb,LOL!!! Pregay OMG !!

The Biggest Loser host AlisonSweeney
Michael J Fox is HILARIOUS on Curb tonight. classic

DJ Rob G The General
#Curb was awesome. This was by far the funniest season yet.

John Buccigross
Curb was pure again. Every episode like a Datsyuk frothy, saucy, backhand pass.

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Scott Aukerman
Goddamn, that kid on Curb Your Enthusiasm was amazing.

Bram Weinstein
Curb episode was a classic. Greg might have replaced the doll hair kid as best weird child interactions with LD

Kristopher Tapley
Man Curb was ultimately really weak this year. Time to wrap it up.

Amin the Dream
#curb knocks it out the park once again. Fantastic season Larry!

Larry David stays exposing people. When he bought a 7-yr old kid a sewing machine for his birthday, that was classic! Great Season!! #Curb

This kid on Curb needs to win an emmy and golden globe

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I luv Larry!!! He is such a douche Lord!

Ms Maraj
Yes!! King of Douche! RT

So...this season finale will just go ahead and be the best episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' EVER.

Jessica Gottlieb
Curb Your Enthusiasm did some serious shark jumping this evening.

Jonathan M. Stahler
#Curb also never ceases to amaze me. Season 8 was #money, I hope it's not the end of LD.

Andy C
This very well may be the best season of #curb ever

Curb was legendary tonight

Most epic ep of curb tonite. So inappropriate. So good. It will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Jenny Oh
omg this season of curb was amazing omg why are these seasons only 10 episodes long :(