CW Touts 'Amell Wednesdays' in Funny New Promo (Video)

The Amells are taking over television. Well, at least Wednesdays on The CW.

The network is taking advantage of the familial connection between Arrow star Stephen Amell and The Tomorrow People lead Robbie Amell, releasing a new teaser promoting what is being dubbed "Amell Wednesdays." (A Twitter account was created shortly after The CW released the fall schedule playing off the lineup.)

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In the minute-long promo, Robbie overexplains his relationship to Stephen, going so far as calling Wednesdays "Amellsdays."

"Amellsday?" Stephen asks. "That's good right?" Robbie says, confident in his word play.

"I don't think the network's actually going to go for that," Stephen says, trying to play down "Amell Wednesdays."

But his younger cousin doesn't get the hint, continuing to create "Amell-tastic" words like "Amell-erific" and "Amell-icitement."

Arrow and The Tomorrow People debut Oct. 9 on The CW.

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