Top 5 Most Tweeted 'Daily Show' Episodes, From Hillary Clinton to the Washington Redskins

Jon Stewart Stock - H 2015
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, file)

Jon Stewart may think that after 16 years, "the world is demonstrably worse than when I started" hosting the Comedy Central program, but according to Twitter, he's pushed the conversations around various hot-button topics forward.

Before The Daily Show With Jon Stewart signs off for good on Thursday night, The Hollywood Reporter looks back on the late-night show's top episodes that triggered the most chatter on Twitter.

5. Tricking Hillary Clinton? (July 15, 2014)

After addressing the immigration crisis, Stewart spoke with Hillary Clinton, who was promoting her memoir and had yet to announce her presidential bid. However tried his best to trick her into doing so during her appearance.

Stewart: "Do you have a favorite shape for that home office?"

Clinton: "I think the world is so complicated, the fewer corners you can have the better."

4. Ferguson Race/Off (Aug. 27, 2014)

Stewart made a triumphant return from his annual summer hiatus when he critically examined the media's coverage of the Ferguson riots following the death of Michael Brown. "Race is there, and it is a constant. You're tired of hearing about it? Imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it."

3. Discussing the Eric Garner Decision (Dec. 4, 2014)

An uncharacteristically sober Stewart struggled to find any comedic spin to put on the news that the police officer who killed Eric Garner using a choke hold would not be indicted."I honestly don't know what to say. If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more f—king time," Stewart said. "I would settle for less tragedy than comedy, honestly. ... We are definitely not living in a post-racial society. And I bet there are a lot of people out there wondering how much of a society we are living in at all."

2. Redskins Fans vs. Native Americans (Sept. 26, 2014)

One segment was already famous before it aired, thanks to a Washington Post article that pitted Washington Redskins fans against Native Americans in the ongoing debate over the team's controversial name. A shouting match reportedly ensued, and a panelist left in tears, asking not to be included in the broadcast. Panelists told The Post they felt like they were mislead, because Daily Show producers told them the show would not be meeting with the Native American panel. Stewart aired a disclaimer before the segment, which was led by correspondent Jason Jones and also addressed the segment's aftermath.

1. Charleston Church Shooting (June 19, 2015)

Stewart's most tweeted about episode was when he addressed the Charleston church shooting, which left nine people dead. "I didn’t do my job today ... because of what happened in South Carolina," he told the audience. "Maybe if I wasn’t nearing the end of the run or this wasn’t such a common occurrence, maybe I could have pulled out of the spiral, but I didn't. I honestly have nothing other than just sadness."