'Daily Show' and 'Colbert' Rip on Pundits and Media in Final Pre-Election Shows (Video)

Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart Indecision 2008 - H 2012
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Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart Indecision 2008 - H 2012

No matter who wins the presidential election, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be okay -- pundits from both parties will still be available for daily mockery.

The pair have become as much media critics as they are political satirists, sifting through the vast beaches of cable news and finding the ridiculous gems of punditry on a nightly basis. Stewart on Monday featured a segment highlighting some of the best elections predictions -- all consequence-free -- from talking heads on both sides of the aisle.

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Democrat-affiliated pundits said President Obama will win big, GOP-aligned talkers gave a huge victory prediction to Mitt Romney, and some wishy-washy straggles said it was too close (or impossible) to call. But whatever happens, Stewart makes clear that there will be no consequences for pundits; they operate, he says, in an even softer version of a childhood game.

Meanwhile, Colbert took the media to task for its seeming desire to see a razor-thin, toss-up election -- whether that's in line with reality or not. Most recently, that desire has led to a backlash against NY Times statistician Nate Silver, who has projected a likely Obama win.

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