'The Daily Show' Calls Fox News 'Bullshit Mountain' For Romney Defense (Video)

The host of the Comedy Central show takes exception with the coverage that the cable network authored on Mitt Romney's "secret tapes."
Comedy Central

The now not-so-secret recording of a closed door Mitt Romney fundraiser, in which the GOP presidential candidate seemed to write off 47 percent of the country as non-taxpaying partisans that would never vote for him, has proved to be an early Hannukah present for Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Not only has the leaked video provided plenty of material for Stewart's ongoing portrayal of Romney as an emotionless plutocrat, but it has also resulted in more fuel for his fiery rhetorical lobs at the Fox News Channel.

Wednesday night saw Stewart launching into a segment called "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain," in which he blasted the network for its various pundits and anchors' different defenses of Romney's comments. The reactions and assessments ranged from that of Bill O'Reilly's insistence that Romney was correct in his speech and should own what he said; to commentators that said the candidate's words were unartful but not inaccurate; to those that chose to deflect criticism onto President Obama, who they called "the worst president in history."

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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