George Lucas "Honors" Fox News on 'Daily Show', Promises to Make Films "Blindly Uncritical of America"

 'Star Wars: The Clinton Menace' anyone?
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The Daily Show host Jon Stewart enlisted some heavyweight Hollywood help in ripping his 'favorite' news channel for congratulating itself for its own coverage of Ferguson. 

On Thursday night's show, Stewart took exception to Fox's Megyn Kelly calling on other media outlets to acknowledge and credit her station's decision not to rush to judgment over the incidents in Ferguson.

Stewart wasted no time in pointing out that Fox had built its reputation on rushing to judgment, citing Benghazi in particular. He did, however, concede that Fox getting things right was "newsworthy" in and of itself and cause for celebration.

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By way of apology and in honor of "that time" they were right, Stewart presented Fox with a whale cake ("we think you're a whale of a network!").

Stewart also said that Hollywood had something to say and presented a short video of George Lucas, the very epitome of liberal Hollywood, apologizing and promising to in future only make films that were "blindly uncritical of America," with possible future films such as American Exceptionalism Graffiti, Star Wars: The Reagan Missile Defense Version, The Empire Strikes Back, Justifiably and Star Wars: The Clinton Menace 

Finally, he ended the segment by comparing Fox news, which has been on the air for 18 years, to a real 18 year old, in that: “you have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day jerking yourself off.”

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