'The Daily Show' Gives Michael Che Over-the-Top Farewell After Three Months

"Michael, we hardly used ye"
AP Images

The Daily Show said goodbye to Michael Che Thursday night as he made his final appearance on the Comedy Central show before heading to Saturday Night Live as its new Weekend Update anchor.

It was a moment seemingly suited for heartfelt recollections and a highlight reel of his work for the show, except Che was only with The Daily Show for about three months.

"You were here for actually 58 business days," host Jon Stewart said after pretending to bring Che out to comment on Joe Biden's recent racist gaffes and what that means for his presidential ambitions

The show employed a similar ruse to bid farewell to longtime cast member John Oliver.

But with Che, there wasn't much to say.

Stewart brought out several fellow cast members to pay tribute, but it seemed like Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee still didn't know Che, despite Bee's dramatic hug.

And Jason Jones confused him with former correspondent Wyatt Cenac.

Stewart then led Che to a piano to perform "I Will Remember You" over a highlight reel, but the reel was only a few seconds long.

The tribute ended with a card reading "Michael, we hardly used ye."