'Daily Show' Pays Tribute to Jon Stewart's Crazy Sounds (Video)

John Hodgeman Daily Show - H 2015

John Hodgeman Daily Show - H 2015

Daily Show contributor John Hodgman made a rare appearance on the Comedy Central late-night show on Thursday to honor outgoing host Jon Stewart with a series of Stewart's career highlights  in sound.

Hodgman, perhaps best known for his role as "PC" in those Apple ads with Justin Long, is still listed as a contributor for The Daily Show on the show's website, but Hodgman hasn't been seen much on the show recently, leading Stewart to joke, "I thought you were living on Mars."

After appearing suddenly, standing just over Stewart's right shoulder, Hodgman said, "I had to come back because here in the remaining weeks of your tenure, we'd like to take some time to present an occasional retrospective of your great host-pitality."

For the first retrospective, Hodgman said the show focused on Stewart's "erudition."

The show then aired a supercut of the bizarre sounds Stewart has made on the show over the years  and that one time he did the sprinkler dance. 

Watch the full retrospective below.

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