'The Daily Show': Jason Jones Fills in For Sick Jon Stewart

Jason Jones Hosts Daily Show - H 2014
Comedy Central / Screengrab

Move over John Oliver — there's a new replacement The Daily Show host in town.

Jason Jones stepped behind the desk Tuesday to fill in for Jon Stewart, who was out sick, and he began by tackling Vice President Joe Biden's recent head-turning speech at Harvard. Biden caught flack for insulting U.S. allies in the battle against the Islamic State. 

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"Biden is basically the Seinfeld of vice presidents," Jones said, after playing clips of pundits saying Biden's speech channeled what many people were thinking.

Cue the theme music for Seinfeld, which introduced Jones impersonating Biden in the cadence of a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routine.

"Don't you hate it when Turkey gives money to Syrian rebels and then they turn out out be Al Qaeda? It's like who are these militants?" he said.

Later, Samantha Bee started out talking about police brutality, but ended up turning it into an allegory for Jones (her real-life husband), who she said had seized power without having a right to. From there, Bee refused to give up the desk, reading Jones' lines along with him.

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"I am not losing anything. I am chained to the f—king desk," she said, revealing she'd handcuffed herself to the desk. "I'm here until the bitter end!"

Jones' hosting gig was an unexpected move for the show. John Oliver famously filled in for Stewart last summer while the host directed Rosewater, and Daily Show alum Stephen Colbert used to fill in for Stewart on occasion. But in recent years, the show has tended to air a rerun when Stewart isn't around. 

"This was so much fun hosting this show," Jones said before the Moment of Zen. "I now see why this guy [Stewart] never leaves."