Jon Stewart Asks Lena Dunham to Make Brian Williams 'More Uncomfortable' (Video)

The "Daily Show" host and "Girls" wunderkind hatch a scheme to exploit awkwardness over the sex scenes involving the NBC newsman's actress daughter.
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Lena Dunham with "Girls" castmates Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams.

As the father of Girls' Allison Williams, NBC News anchor Brian Williams doubtless feels awkward over watching the sex scenes involving the actress -- that is, if he doesn't immediately fast-forward through them while covering his eyes and ears.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart wants to make things even worse for the Nightly News and Rock Center broadcaster, asking Girls creator-star Lena Dunham: "Is there anything that you could do to make him more uncomfortable?"

Stewart then told Dunham, his guest on Thursday's show: " I say this to you, as a personal favor to me."

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The 26-year-old wunderkind, who won two Golden Globes on Sunday for best comedy and best actress in a comedy, is game to comply with Stewart's request.

"As a fan of his, I've often talked about how I wanted to have, like, a Brian Williams cam where there's a camera on him watching the sex scenes and we get to see it play in real time. That's a dream of mine," she revealed, drawing laughs from the audience.

Stewart's response? "Follow your dreams, and I would very much like in on that."

Girls launched its second season on HBO the same night the critically acclaimed yet polarizing series scored big at the Globes.

In her Daily Show sitdown, Dunham also addresses her post-ceremony encounter with a surly photographer who advised her to "get media-trained" as well as internet negativity from "58-year-olds who wish you dead."

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