Jon Stewart Bemoans Barack Obama's Slow-Jam With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Jon Stewart Jimmy Fallon Obama - H 2012

Jon Stewart Jimmy Fallon Obama - H 2012

While some fans must have really enjoyed President Barack Obama’s appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, Jon Stewart bemoaned the appearance on Wednesday’s The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

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The host specifically points at Fallon and Obama’s “Slow-Jam” segment. The leader of the free world delivers his election talking points to an audience of college students as Fallon interjects with statements like, “Aww yeah. You should listen to the President. Or as I like to call him, the Preezy of the United Steezy.”

Stewart approaches the segment after he points out the familiarities between Republican presidential candidate frontrunner Mitt Romney’s campaign strategy and that of former President Ronald Reagan.

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“What the? The President is slow-jamming the news on Late Night. So, Romney is this year’s Reagan, Obama is this year’s Clinton,” Stewart says referring to Bill Clinton’s saxophone-playing appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1992.

“Mr. President, you’re the President,” he goes on to say. “You don’t have to do this [expletive] anymore.”

Watch the entire segment below (or fast forward to about 3:11 in for Stewart’s thoughts on Obama and Fallon).

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