Jon Stewart Skewers Trump's Romney Endorsement on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

The Comedy Central says he never pictured the real-estate mogul and NBC reality star as a supporter of the GOP frontrunner.

After stirring a minor media frenzy prompted by confusion over whether Donald Trump would endorse Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, Trump announced during a press conference that he's supporting the former.

"It's my honor -- real honor and privilege -- to endorse Mitt Romney," the real estate developer and host of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice declared Thursday in Las Vegas, flanked by the wealthy former businessman and his wife, Ann Romney.

Cut to a less-than-enthused reaction to Trump's announcement from Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, which showed a side-by-side image of Romney and Trump with the caption "Rich Man, Richer Man."

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Ecstatic Over Trump Moderating GOP Debate

"That's it? No, like, 'Omarosa's gonna be the Secretary of State' Like, nothing?" said Stewart, looking stumped. "Just an endorsement of the current frontrunner and presumed nominee?"

"Never saw Trump as a Romney guy," he continued. "Always saw Trump as the kind of guy whose ostentatious lifestyle was driven by a slight a guy like Romney gave him years ago, you know like, 'That p--k thinks he can keep me out of the country club? I'll build my own!'"

Check out the clip below.

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