Kristen Stewart Talks Getting Unusually Animated on 'Daily Show' (Video)

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Kristen Stewart has fallen pray to multiple Internet memes dedicated to what her critics characterize as her “boring” personality. But for her role in On the Road, she had to cut loose in a dance scene, which led The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart to ask: How’d she do it?

“I would think the hardest thing to do in acting is dance. To just be uninhibited," the Comedy Central host said Thursday. "I can barely do it at parties when I’m hammered."

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The actress played along, mocking her reputation for blandness.

“This is me, most of the time,” she said, crossing her arms and doing an impression of someone who doesn’t like fun.

“You’re doing On The Road.  Don’t mess it up,” she said. “That was the main thing that kick-started it for us. We sort of felt that we would do anything for it.”

The Twilight star said there are moments in the film where she gets "to exhibit pure wild nature and exuberance.” She also spoke of how On the Road loomed large in her teenage years.

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“It was my first favorite book. … I really came alive,” Stewart said of her first time reading it.

On the Road, adapted from the Jack Kerouac novel of the same name, hits theaters Dec. 21. 

We’ll post video of the interview as soon as it’s made available online.

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