'The Daily Show' Spoofs President Obama-George Clooney Hollywood Fundraiser (Video)

The Daily Show Jason Jones - H 2012
Comedy Central

The Daily Show Jason Jones - H 2012

Even as Jon Stewart tweaked conservative commentators for their charge that President Obama's new backing of marriage equality was politically motivated, The Daily Show made the exact same charge -- with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

The Comedy Central show sent correspondent Jason Jones to the home of George Clooney -- via magical green screen -- where the President was attending a star-studded, $15 million fundraiser to support his re-election bid. When Stewart asked Jones if the community had responded positively to Obama's evolution on gay marriage, the correspondent quipped, "It's like going to Israel after killing Hitler."

STORY: Clooney, Entertainment Industry VIPs Fête Obama at Record-Breaking Fundraiser

Fair enough -- after all, the industry did give the president vociferous praise and immediate financial rewards -- but Jones also lampooned the accusations of political trickery, as well as what he called Middle America's vision of Hollywood as a "hedonistic, godless nightmare," with abortion booths, buddies Sean Penn and Fidel Castro, and the prominent placement of Osama bin Laden near the buffet.

"Right now, in George Clooney's house, Elton John is swinging from a chandelier sipping champagne off the penis of a naked gladiator ice sculpture, and that is the straightest thing I've seen in there," he exclaimed.

Going further, Jones played on Hollywood's dual love of environmentally-friendly cars and its rampant use of private jets; there was a lot full of Priuses -- to drive around the grounds of Clooney's estate -- and small planes to actually get the stars to the party.

To read all about the actual fundraiser (and not its potentially more entertaining Daily Show alternate narrative), which was attended by stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Rob Reiner, Salma Hayek, Eddie Murphy and JJ Abrams, click over to The Hollywood Reporter's full coverage of the event.

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