'The Daily Show' Searches for a New Obama Slogan (Video)

Unhappy with the theme chosen by the president's campaign, John Oliver and Jason Jones search for a new catchphrase for Team Obama.

It was a marketer's dream: two slogans that adorned pop art and t-shirts, and were screamed in stadiums nationwide. Barack Obama's twin campaign themes of "Hope" and "Yes We Can" helped send him to the White House. Now four years later, he needs just as catchy a set of slogans if he wants to stay in Washington.

Luckily, The Daily Show is here to help.

John Oliver and Jason Jones canvassed the first day of the Democratic National Convention, searching for ideas from Obama's most fervent supporters. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to run into any public relations minds; most of the suggestions they got were either too lacksidaisical, too wordy, or sounded too much like they came from The Jeffersons.

Until they found this one...

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