'The Daily Show' Takes on Trayvon Martin, Geraldo Rivera Hoodie With Wyatt Cenac, John Oliver (Video)

Upon its return, "The Daily Show" tackled the media circus around the shooting death of the Florida teenager.
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Last week, as the Treyvon Martin killing became the nation's most discussed flashpoint, Jon Stewart, often the country's voice of both mockery and reason, was on vacation. So upon his show's return from break on Monday night, the anchor and his correspondents spent much of the episode dissecting the televised furor and controversy added to the sad saga.

After taking down CNN's Zapruder-like examination of the 911 call George Zimmerman, Martin's killer, made before the incident, Stewart and his team pivoted to the much-maligned comments made by Geraldo Rivera concerning the hooded sweatshirt that Martin was wearing during the confrontation. Expressing amazement and incredulousness at Rivera's suggestion that Martin made himself a target by wearing the hoodie, Stewart brought on Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver to further examine the issue.

Oliver was wearing a hoodie in solidarity -- calling all reporters not wearing them a racist -- while Cenac went a few steps further with his attire.

On Tuesday, Rivera gave a mixed apology, offering regret if his words offended, but standing by his anti-hoodies for minority youth message.

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