'Daily Show's' John Oliver Cries During Final Episode (Video)

Jon Stewart bid farewell to his longtime correspondent, who is leaving for his own HBO series, with a montage of his best moments.

John Oliver was overcome with emotion as he bid farewell to The Daily Show on Thursday night.

The longtime correspondent, leaving for his own series on HBO, was remembered with a montage of his best moments during his final episode on the Comedy Central late-night program.

After the trip down memory lane and host Jon Stewart's accolades, Oliver began crying, visibly overcome with emotion.

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Stewart brought Oliver out ostensibly to do a bit about the phone-hacking revelations concerning the British royal family. But it soon became clear that he was there for Stewart and the show to bid him farewell.

"Are we not doing the bit?" Oliver asked.

"No, of course we're not doing the bit. What the f--- do you think we're doing here?" Stewart said as Oliver looked exasperated that his comedy preparations had been in vain.

"There's only one British royal I care about tonight and his name is Prince John Oliver," Stewart added.

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Stewart then took viewers and Oliver through his best onscreen moments, recalling the correspondent's early days on the show ("You came to us from Muffin-on-Puffinstuff") and the many characters he played, all of which were British, including a Dickensian pauper and an explorer who remarked, "India -- there is a land worth subjugating."

Pointing out that the Brits are known for their sophisticated, dry wit, Stewart then showed clips of Oliver making dirty jokes and lewd comments and gestures.

Stewart ended with a collection of Oliver's best moments from the field, including befuddled reactions to bizarre comments from politicians, being wheeled down the street dressed as the Statue of Liberty and being hoisted on the shoulders of people in a pub.

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Although the mood was light through much of the segment, with Stewart and Oliver laughing and reminiscing, Oliver was crying by the end, with tears visible behind his glasses as he struggled to maintain his composure.

The two gave each other a big hug before Stewart tried to lighten the mood by playing Mystikal's "Danger," the song Oliver used to dance to during the show's coverage of Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner over the summer.

The two did the "Danger" dance for a bit, but Oliver continued to look emotional.

At the end of the show, Oliver got his own "moment of zen" as footage played of him acting out that segment and dancing to a sing-along version of the Daily Show theme song.