From Bernie Sanders' Voice to Andrew Yang's "Cold Hard Cash": Trevor Noah Breaks Down Third Democratic Debate

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Courtesy of Comedy Central

After the third Democratic debate concluded in Houston on Thursday, Trevor Noah's The Daily Show went live once again to give his take on the top 10 polling candidates. 

The candidates who participated in the debate included: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, California Sen. Kamala Harris, entrepreneur Andrew Yang, former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke, and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro.

While reflecting on some of the night's biggest moments, Noah was quick to bring up Yang's proposal to give away $1,000 a month to 10 families over the next year as part of his effort to prove the efficacy of his universal basic income campaign proposal.

"Look at Asian Oprah over here! Just giving everybody money," Noah said, also emphasizing that Yang's approach was just "cold hard cash" instead of going after Trump. 

Noah also poked fun at Sanders' hoarse voice. "I hope Bernie has a voice doctor because something was definitely off with his voice," he said. After playing a clip of Sanders speaking, Noah added: "It sounded like someone gave Bernie a comb and said, 'Sir, I think this can help,' and then he swallowed it." Noah also compared Sanders' diminished voice to that of Luke Skywalker or O.J. Simpson with a "butter knife." 

Noah then mentioned how impressed he was with Castro, who had no shame in going after Biden and, what Noah described, as playing on the narrative that Biden is a "forgetful old man." "Damn Castro took it there," he quipped. He also joked about O'Rourke after he confirmed his plans to confiscate all weapons. "If I was going to take someone's AR-15, I would be more sneaky about it." 

Other highlight moments included Harris facing backlash from one of the moderators calling her out for her change of heart on policies, leaving Noah to quip: "Ouch. I didn't believe in black-on-black crime until now. That question was hardcore. It was less of a question and more like public shaming." Noah also mentioned how much love former President Barack Obama was given from the candidates onstage tonight. "I bet Michelle was looking at him like, 'Is there something you want to tell me?'" 

After Biden was questioned whether he and Obama "made a mistake" with the immigration deportation conducted during their presidency, Noah criticized his response, claiming that he was the vice president at the time. "When Obama's being praised, Biden jumps in the picture with him. But when Obama's being criticized, Biden's like, "Look, man, I was the vice president. I didn't do shit.'" Noah advised Biden that he "can't take all of the credit and avoid all of the blame" that comes his way. 

Though there are 20 candidates still in the running, only 10 hit the Democratic National Committee’s polling and fundraising requirements by the Aug. 28 deadline.

The third debate took place at Texas Southern University in Houston, Tex., moderated by This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos, ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir, ABC news correspondent Linsey Davis and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.