New 'Dallas' Reboot Ad Pays Homage to Famous Bobby Ewing Dream Storyline (Photo)

Dallas Shower Teaser - P 2012

Dallas Shower Teaser - P 2012

While there are no guns aimed at J.R. Ewing from an unseen assailant, TNT evokes one of the original series’ iconic moments in a new ad for their upcoming Dallas reboot. Twenty-four years after the show debuted, J.R. (Larry Hagman) joins his brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy) in the shower where he first blissfully cleaned himself off after a nightmarish cliffhanger involving a fatal automobile accident. (Spoiler, if you missed the end of season eight in 1986.)

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The ad appears in the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter in addition to other print and online publications. Featuring a variety of new and old characters, this early image clearly hints at the producers' aims to attract a cross-generational viewership for the series.

Unlike other TV reboots, Dallas is meant to be a continuation of the original series, so Hagman and Ewing are playing the same characters as before – which should make for compelling storytelling in the context of today’s even more melodramatic television landscape. (It remains to be seen whether all of these characters end up in the same shower stall as they're depicted in the new teaser image, but suffice it to say, if even one or two of them end up cleaning each other off, Dallas should be just as steamy as it ever was.)

Additionally, Linda Gray, Steve Kanaly, Charlene Tilton and Ken Kercheval also return after appearing on the original CBS show. The Dallas veterans are joined by Josh Henderson, who plays J.R.'s son John Ross, Jordana Brewster, Jesse Metcalfe, Julie Gonzalo, Brenda Strong, Marlene ForteLeonor Varela and several others.

Dallas premieres on June 13.