'Dallas' Finale: Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray Talk Cliffhangers, Avoiding Spoilers and Peace in the Ewing Family (Video)

The first season of TNT’s Dallas reboot draws to a close on Wednesday, and while it won’t go out with a bang (a la “Who Shot JR?”), it will certainly leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

“It’s huge,” teases Linda Gray during a visit to The Hollywood Reporters cover lounge. 

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“It is hard to talk about this, isn’t it, without giving it away and spoiling the fun,” says Patrick Duffy. “It’s all about spoiling the fun. These are not state secrets, the reason people watch the show is for that excitement of, ‘I told ya, I told ya it’s gonna happen, see!’ and then they get all excited about it so we don’t want to give it away.”

Fans can rest assured that the season one finale will answer a series of burning questions. Has John Ross really turned over a new leaf? Will Sue Ellen continue her political campaign? Can Bobby make it through another seizure? And, well, who shot who in the Rebecca-Tommy altercation? But in true Dallas fashion, there are bigger questions to be answered by the end of the hour.

Duffy and Gray are the first to admit that they steer clear of the writers’ room. “We don’t want to know ahead of time," says Duffy. "It’s so much more fun. It’s a more interesting way to approach your work to be surprised by it all the time."


But when asked if there can ever be peace in the Ewing family, the duo does have one resounding answer.

“Oh no,” says Duffy. “We’d be canceled if there was peace in the Ewing family.”

Adds Gray, “We’d be The Brady Bunch.”

“That’s what I think has kept the fans' interest, that very core, the family the core,” says Gray. “All of those intricate inter-family fighting -- that’s what has kept fans entertained.”

The season finale of Dallas, titled “Revelations,” airs Wednesday, Aug. 8 at 9 p.m.

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