'Dancing With the Stars' Alum Wendy Williams Doesn't See Chaz Bono Going Far

"I love Chaz, but Chaz doesn't impress me as the type that dances well enough to win the trophy," the talk show host tells THR.

Former Dancing with the Stars competitor, talk show host Wendy Williams, won’t be watching the dance competition’s premiere Monday night. She’s more interested in the evening’s Charlie Sheen-centric TV events: Two and a Half Men’s premiere and the Comedy Central Roast.

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Her interview with Sheen aired Monday and she tells The Hollywood Reporter that she’ll have to catch the dance competition later on DVR. But, that’s not to say she hasn’t already given this season’s competitors some thought.

“Well, I love Chaz [Bono], but Chaz doesn’t impress me as the type that dances well enough to win the trophy,” Williams tells us after we ask for her take on this season’s group. “I could be wrong, but this is just me talking.”

She knows of what she speaks. Williams competed last season and she didn’t get very far, though she says people believed that she would for the same reason she believes that Bono won’t.

“We all have our stereotypes,” she says. “And because I didn’t live up to the stereotype, I know not to judge people from the outset as to what they may live up to. I dance very awkwardly, two left feet, I was second to be eliminated. Although, p.s. I think they could have kept me on at least another three weeks, but whatever.”

“From the outside, I bet you Chaz is not a good dancer, but he’s fun to watch,” she continues. “He’s a friend of the show. He was on our show last season to talk about the change.”

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Bono’s casting on the show caused a lot of controversy for the network with conservative groups saying ABC was pandering to gay people. Fans blew up the network’s online bulletin boards with protests and many said they wouldn’t watch the season if Bono competed. Williams says she’s not surprised by people’s reactions.

“Well, you know Black woman in America,” she tells us. “We as a people have our own situations. No, regular homosexuality still seems to be a problem with people, so of course Chaz and his situation, oh boy. No, I wasn’t shocked.”

As much as Williams says she doesn’t see Bono going far in the competition, there is at least one other competitor she thinks will leave before Cher's kid.

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“I think Elisabetta [Canalis] will be eliminated first, because nobody likes her,” Williams says. “Because she broke George Clooney’s heart. In terms of expectations of her, she’s not popular. When I look at her, I say, ‘Eh, please.’”

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