'Dancing With the Stars' Cast Pleads for Viewer Votes (Video)

The new crop of contenders explain why they deserve fans’ support in the upcoming season.
Adam Taylor/ABC

With the new season of Dancing With the Stars right around the corner, the contestants are in full campaign mode, lobbying for viewer votes before the race even begins.

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In a new video clip posted by ABC, David Arquette, Ron Artest, Kristin Cavallari and the rest of the Season 13 hopefuls explain why fans should have their backs when the series kicks off.

“You should just vote for me because I’m a nice guy,” said Chaz Bono.

“I will definitely keep this contest interesting,” he added with a smirk. “And I’d really like to stick around.”

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“I’m not the youngest, I’m not the thinnest, I’m not the prettiest and I’m not the best dancer, but I’ve got the most heart,” insisted Nancy Grace. “And I’m tryin’ the hardest. And by God, if that counts for anything, then you should vote for me.”

Rob Kardashian made an open ended promise to his fans, saying, “I really need your votes. I’ll do something really special if you guys want…”

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Soccer Superstar Hope Solo made a light-hearted joke in her plea for support, referencing the heartbreaking end to this year’s World Cup.

“You should vote for me because before this year ends, I NEED a first place medal,” she insisted, after her team’s second place finish in July.

Dancing With the Stars kicks off on Sept. 19 on ABC.