'Dancing With the Stars'' David Arquette: Happy to End on a High Note

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History shows that a member of the losing team on group night goes home the next day. That means Dancing With the Stars is probably about to bid adieu to Nancy Grace, J.R. Martinez or David Arquette.

And if it's Arquette, it doesn't seem like he'll be that discouraged.

"Len did call me a dancer," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter after Monday's show. "I set out to entertain people, learn more about myself, challenge myself, get in shape, have fun and learn how to dance. I've done all that."

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David and partner Kym Johnson earned a lot of praise for their Cha Cha Cha, but their scores left them second from the bottom, behind only Nancy Grace.

"We could be going home," said Kym. "There's a big chance of that. And if we are, we are, we'll just see what happens."

Kym says they could obviously accomplish a lot more before the finale, but the snafu during the opening of their routine -- in which David misplaced the trick cane for their magician-themed dance -- proved to her how much more confident he's become in the ballroom.  

"We've really come a long way," Kym said. "That freaked me out when we didn't have the cane. I was nervous for David because that was his start."

He's been really open about his nerves throughout the season, but if last night was any indication, he may have finally kicked them.

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"There's some pressure there, especially being the first of the night," David said. "We had a lot of things go wrong tonight, and I still remained calm."

Something he hasn't overcome is the physical toll the show seems to take on the contestants body.

"Everything hurts. My knees hurt. My ankle hurts. My ribs hurt. I pulled my breast muscle," he said, laughing. "I mean, how do you do that?