'Dancing With the Stars' Finals: J.R. Martinez Envies the Kardashian Sisters' Twitter Campaign

J.R. Martinez DWTS Episode 1309 - P 2011

J.R. Martinez DWTS Episode 1309 - P 2011

Topping the scores for weeks, J.R. Martinez and partner Karina Smirnoff go into this week's Dancing With the Stars finals on less sure footing -- or, as it were, ankles.

The finalist sprained one of his last week, causing him to limp through three dances.

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"Right now, I'm somewhat of an underdog," J.R. said backstage last week. "Rob [Kardashian] and Ricki [Lake] are going to bring it -- and Rob is on fire right now. He has a lot of momentum, and it started with his ass."

Rob's momentum isn't the only advantage he has. J.R. says the deafening support from the Kardashian family has made him a little nervous.

"It's distracting when you see them on Twitter telling everyone to vote," he said. "Damn, I wish I had some famous sisters."

And by "everyone," he means over 20 million users. Between Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, the Kardashian sisters cumulatively top the website's most read users (Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry) by a wide margin. At 11.4 million, Kim Kardashian alone own has Twitter's fourth highest audience.

PHOTOS: 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 13: Rehearsals

None of them have been shy about encouraging readers to vote for their little brother, either. In the run-up to the finale, all three Kardashian sisters have blasted followers with Rob's voting hotline.

"Rob really has grown up a lot and really has changed," J.R. adds, not wanting to discredit his competitor's achievements. "He's just embracing who he is and what he is."

As for himself, J.R. is just happy to have another shot to compete after last week's lackluster night.

"I will fumble, I'll fall," he said, "but, at the same time, if I'm given a second chance, I will stand up and I'll charge."