'Dancing With the Stars'' Nancy Grace Takes a 'Big Fat Paycheck' With Her (Video)

Neither Nancy Grace or partner Tristan MacManus seemed at all disappointed when they left Dancing With the Stars during Tuesday's results show.

They won't make it to the semifinals, but they also never anticipated going this far. The Hollywood Reporter met with them backstage after the show where the duo were all smiles.

"Nothing to be disappointed about," Tristan tells THR. "We done great, and we went out on a high, I feel."

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Nancy seemed especially proud of the 8 weeks worth of extra pay she'll now be able to give to charity.

"The reality is that I came into this for one reason, to give a big fat paycheck to the National Center for Missing children," she says. "And that's exactly what I'm going to do. I've been very blessed."

MacManus, the only new pro to make it past week 2 of competition this season, credits his partner's endurance with his own success on the show, but Nancy is quick to object.

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"He's being modest," she says. "He's the only first time pro that even made it past mid-mark, and it's all because of his talent and determination. That's why we made it."

Nancy returns to her full-time job on HLN now, but she'll be back for the finale, only taking one week off from rehearsals. But with all the televised trials this year -- Casey Anthony, Amanda Knox, Conrad Murray -- what's next for her show?

"Lucky for me, there's never a lack of business when it comes to crime," she says. "So I'm on to the next missing child or the next unsolved homicide."