'Dancing With the Stars': Ricki Lake Looks to Rebound With Broadway Week Quickstep

The recently humbled frontrunner says she's moving on and definitely putting an end to her choreography suggestions.

Of the remaining 7 contestants on Dancing With the Stars, Ricki Lake may have the most to prove during Broadway week.

She still boasts the highest score of Season 13 -- a 29 in Week 4 -- but her follow-up failed to impress the judges. And on a season where simple mistakes have gotten frontrunners a swift boot, that can be a little scary.

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"It's hard because we had such a great week before that," Lake says of her latest performance, a Foxtrot that only earned a 24 from the judges. "I think I let the nerves get to me. I think it's OK."

Lake and partner Derek Hough agree that the odd mix of '80s week and the Foxtrot probably didn't do them any favors, but their Broadway-themed Quickstep during Monday's show should provide a much more natural combination.

And she knows that her being comfortable on the ballroom floor means everything at this stage in the competition. "I've got to let go of it," she says. "It's a dance competition. I want to deliver. You work so hard, there's so many hours that go into this. You don't want to blow it."

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As for the chance of fans seeing any more original moves after she unsuccessfully tried to introduce the Running Man and the Rodger Rabbit, Lake says her choreographing days are over.

"He's going to do it all now," she says, laughing. "I'm done."