'Dancing With the Stars'' Ricki Lake Reveals Her Broadway Ambitions (Exclusive Video)

After seeing her successful turn during Dancing With the Stars' Broadway week, Ricki Lake's theatrical prospects are apparently a hot topic among fans.

ABC's weekly call for Twitter questions for the cast prompted the 43-year-old actress to admit that if she did do Broadway, she'd like it to be under a particular set of circumstances.

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"I've never done a Broadway show," she says. "Maybe this will open some opportunities. I was supposed to do Cabaret a long time ago... but it would be a dream of mine to originate a role and do it on Broadway."

With a stage adaptation and movie musical based on John Waters' 1988 Hairspray, Lake's breakout film, many actually think she was involved in the Broadway show.

She wasn't. But she is a fan. Lake told the Hollywood Reporter backstage at this week's show that she and partner Derek Hough even thought of dancing to "You Can’t Stop the Beat" from the show.

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Speaking of Hough, Lake has a particularly effusive way of describing her partner's choreography.

"He's almost like a director," she says. "He really sees a vision for the dance that we do, particularly with the Tango he came up with the whole silhouette screen and killing me at the end. All of that stuff was his idea."

Find out what else she thinks of her partner in the second part of the video: