Chaz Bono Says Mom Cher was 'Really Proud' to be in 'Dancing With the Stars' Audience

After a night that saw most of his family attend the show, Bono tells THR he's feeling better than ever.

Moments before the broadcast, even those closest to the show weren't sure if Cher would be in attendance for the Oct. 10 taping of Dancing With the Stars.

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But the 65-year-old singer made good on her promise, sealed with a tweet, to come support son Chaz Bono in the audience during week 4. And she sure picked a good night.

Bono made his strongest Season 13 showing yet, earning a cumulative score of 21 for his and partner Lacey Schwimmer's pasodoble.

"From early in the week when we started on it, it just felt like, for me, the right dance," Bono told press, including The Hollywood Reporter, backstage after his performance. "This one really made sense in my brain and in my body."

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So what did he think of all the support? Well, Chaz didn't really notice at the time.

"I don't really look at the audience until after when we're getting the score," he admits. "I know my mom was really proud of me, and that was awesome. I'm glad that whatever we're doing is touching people."

In addition to Cher, Bono's stepmother, Mary Bono Mack, grandmother, brother, aunt and uncle also turned out to show their support.

"Last week was a hard week, and everybody knew that I was kind of feeling bad about it," he says of his low standing on the leader board, "so to come back and have my whole family there was amazing."

The performance, choreographed to the theme from Rocky, also gave Bono a boost of confidence.

"When I was a kid, I saw Rocky, and it was my favorite movie," says Bono. "I wanted to be Rocky. Doing it to that song probably would have meant more to me than any movie theme."

His pasodoble culminated in a Rocky-esque run to the top of the ballroom studio stairs, which had Schwimmer nervous about her partner's recently ailing knees and ankles. But Bono says he's on the mend, placing physical state at about "75 percent" right now.

"Going upstairs actually feels pretty good," he says. "Going downstairs is a little challenging on my body right now."